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Launched in the summer of 2018, “Young Women in Investment” is an initiative to create awareness about, instill interest in and enable women to view the investment management industry as a viable long-term career option.

The rapid growth of the investment management industry in emerging markets like India, provides a good opportunity for women to pursue an invigorating and productive career in the industry. The initiative is also an attempt to empower young women, looking to start a career, to better understand the current flexibility within the industry addressing better traditional concerns such as that the finance industry disproportionately rewards those that work long and inflexible hours.

Why does the investment industry need more women?

The 2016 CFA Institute study on “Gender Diversity in Investment Management” suggests strong business- and values-driven support for greater diversity, in which gender diversity is key. Diversity matters because diverse groups of people bring different perspectives to problem solving. Industry participants now acknowledge the importance of gender diversity, and the importance of work structure and flexibility in attracting a diverse workforce.

Paul Smith, CFA, president and CEO, CFA Institute notes about himself, “My university degree was in history and I know how to add” – you can check Paul Smith’s profile here. The finance and investment industry is not restricted to finance students and graduates. The industry is open to diverse educational backgrounds and there are various career streams, to suit individual strengths, skills and interests. And, the industry particularly needs women from diverse educational backgrounds.