What Participants Say

“I now know where I see myself in the next five years. I am doing exactly what I wanted to. I never knew finance could be so beautiful.”

“I got to meet so many great speakers who shared their life journeys; it made me realise how lucky we were to get this opportunity in this cut-throat world.”

“What sets this program apart is that executive level seniors want to interact and know more about you… people are curious to know what sets these 49 women apart from regular trainees.”

“Investing seven months in an unknown program seemed risky… I now realise I couldn’t have asked for a more enriching experience at the start of my career.”

“With an engineering background and pursuit of the CFA® Program, this platform allowed me to leverage my theoretical understanding into practical use.”

“In four months, I have taken a journey from an unguided to a guided career path… from a nobody to an intern at BlackRock.”

“I was able to understand what repetitive phrases like “time value of money” meant. Like baby steps, I was able to connect the dots on how concepts are crucially interlinked with one another.”

“Thirty days of boot camp taught me that ethics and professional etiquette are as important as financial concepts. I understood that asking questions breaks the ice and to see a problem with a fresh outlook.”